Welcome to DTrove’s documentation!

Fork of openstack trove written in Django

The main difference is that the this project does not use a guest agent on the host machines. Instead all the commands to manage the instances are done either thru ssh or the console on the compute hosts.

If you like the project fork it on github.

Quickstart Guide

The main way to run dtrove is in single superuser. Basically using the same account to create all database clusters. The plan is to make the api honor the same access controls as the Cloud Providers you have chosen.


You have to go bleeding edge on a project like this, so break out your trusty git tool and prepare to get dirty

  1. Clone this repository:

    $ git clone https://github.com/rmyers/dtrove.git
    $ cd dtrove
    $ mkvirtualenv dtrove -r requirements.txt
    $ pip install -e .
  2. Now you are ready to add this to your django settings file:

  3. For the default Openstack Provider set the following:



See the Configuration Options for details about all the options available.

  1. First run the migrations:

    $ python manage.py migrate

Creating Clusters


Further Reading

See the following sections for more details on the setup of dtrove.

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